This series is the 1st place winner of 2021 FineArt Photography Awards in category Architecture.

Close series was created in 2020 at the instigation of the global situation associated with the pandemic.
Through a series of layered, repetitive architectural patterns, the series Close alludes to the suffocating atmosphere of the pandemic.
Author’s visual narratives are presented in an abstract, thought-provoking and imaginative manner.

Series exhibitions:

Beijing Hanjian Dates:Nov.20, 2021-Jan.10, 2022 Place: Hanjian Fine Art Gallery
Beijing Lishui Photo Festival Dates: Nov.5 –Dec.5th, 2021 Venue: Lishui Wanxiang Photography Base
Yixian Photo Exhibition Dates: Nov.20, 2021-Nov.26, 2021 Place: Yixian·Huangshan China