2019 2nd place winner FineArt Photography Awards in category Abstract

Series CURVES aims to break stereotype and is my protest against the pressure of society to achieve beauty and perfection. Due to various movements of water, the face is deformed and new forms are created. At first glance, it may seem like a stretch image in Photoshop, but the beauty is that the water creates various unpredictable facial bends that cannot be imitated. The idea of creating such a series led me to the feeling that people judge beauty too much according to some symmetry and perfection. As if the more beautiful and symmetrical the face is, the better the photo. I was already overwhelmed and wanted to do the opposite.

The surface of all water is curved. I break the perfection and create unique abstract underwater portraits aiming to show that even imperfection can be beautiful.

Photographs of this series were awarded 500px Editors Choice and Best of Photovogue.